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Since inception, Alpha has always been recognized by the industry as an Asian Pioneer. This especially holds true for the Alpha factory in Shah Alam, where numerous industry-first innovations have been produced.


Alpha was the first company to introduce new, consumer-driven features for water heater, shower pumps and shower accessories to the Asian market. Here are just some of our achievements over the years.



1990       Incorporation of Alpha Electric Co. Sdn Bhd


1993       Incorporation of Multi-spray hand shower and

               LED light temperature sensor display 

               1st in Malaysia


1995       Introduction of sensor touch micro computer

               auto temperature stabilizer

               1st in Malaysia


1996       Introduction of Alpha Home Appliances Sdn

               Bhd (Sales & Marketing for domestic market)


1997       Introduction of built-in booster pump,

               improved version of electronic earth leakage

               circuit breaker and sensor press fuzzy logic

               digital temperature setting

               1st in Malaysia


1999       Introduction of self-setting shower

               temperature with four memory buttons


2000       Introduction of multi-colour heater casing and

               chrome shower set 

               1st in Malaysia


2001       Introduction of classic 5s shower set and hand


               1st in Malaysia


2002       Introduction of press button stop valve with

               flow and filter


2003       Introduction of digital shower panel with

               built-in heater and booster pump

               1st in Malaysia


2006       Introduction of the slimmest heater in the

               market | S100E


2007       Introduction of the slimmest heater with

               unique Silent Jet feature | S300EP


2009       Introduction of first heater with matt finish                        heater casing | Impress Series


2011       Introduction of the smart heater with Auto Test                feature | Smart 18 Series


2012       Introduction of the smart heater with unique                    overhead shower | Smart 18 RainShower


2015       The launch of ARVIO | "Reinvention is an Art"

2017       The launch of ALKOVA | "Discover Silence,                      Rediscover Yourself"




Alpha's dedication to quality has been rewarded with the industry's most respected accreditation:


ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System standard by the Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance body.


Alpha has also won numerous prestigious awards, such as the Products Excellence Award, the Malaysia Excellence Award, the Good Design Award, the Malaysia Brand Name Award and the Superbrands Award.



  • Industry Excellence Award 2001 | Alpha Turboflow LH-8000EP

  • Malaysia Brand Name Award 2001

  • Brand Excellence Award 2006

  • Industries Excellence Awards 2008 | Special Awards: Innovative Product


  • Good Design Mark 2002 | Alpha Turboflow LH-8000EP

  • Good Design Mark 2002 | Classic 5s Shower Set

  • Good Design Mark 2004 | V3, V5 & V7

  • Good Design Mark 2006 | S100E

  • Good Design Mark 2008 | Slim Model Series S300EP


Superbrands Malaysia 2003/2004

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