IM-9i SP RainShower

4.5kW │ DC Pump │ RainShower

Colour: All Black

Key Features



Super Power 4.5kW

Guarantees fast heating to provide ample hot water on demand for warm, soothing baths.

IM-9i SP RainShower

Line Fault Indicator

Detects and alerts of any false electrical connections with a red/ green indicator light.

IM-9i SP RainShower

55 Watt DC Pump

Enhances your showers with more power while maximizing energy and water saving.

IM-9i SP RainShower
IM-9i SP RainShower




Pump Activator 

Amplifies water pressure to ensure voluminous showers even at low inlet flows.


Pump Control

Fine-tune your shower’s water pressure to your exact liking.

IM-9i SP RainShower



Dual Safety Thermal Protection

Automatically breaks off power supply if there is an abnormal rise in shower temperatures.

Tier 1: 55°C Auto Cut-off
Tier 2: 85°C Overheat Cut-out


Double Relay ELSD

Immediately cuts off both live and neutral current flows in the event of an electrical surge.

IM-9i SP RainShower




IP25 Splash Proof Casing

Protects your heater’s internal components from any water seepage.


Nylon Fibre Internal Construction

A strong and durable non-conductive material that provides insulation to your heater.


Adjustable RainShower

Experience amazing volume showers with the luxurious 9” Extra Wide RainShower. Adjustable in height and rotatable. 

3 Way Diverter

Switch between 3 water outputs on the fly - hand shower, rain shower, or both simultaneously.

5 Sprays Shower Head

Our shower heads come adjustable to different water pattern so you can enjoy fully customizable showers.


Anti-tangle Copper Cap Shower Hose

Highly-durable shower hose that prevents tangles and twists.

Gen C Stop Valve

Malaysia’s 1st Lever Handle 2-in-1 Regulator Valve with Filter provides a cleaner shower experience along with customizable stability adjustments.


Technical Specification

IM-9i SP RainShower
Colours Available
Matt Black
Pump Type
DC Pump
Pump Rating
Noise Level
Heater Power Rating
4.5kW, 240V~ 50Hz
Water Connection
15mm (1/2” BSP), Single Point System
Operating Condition
Open Outlet
Protection Against Electric Shock
Class 1
Water Temperature Control
Degree of Protection
Minimum Flow Rate
2 Liters / Minute
Minimum Pressure
20 kPa (0.2 bar / 2.9 psi)
Maximum Inlet Pressure
0.38 MPa (3.8 bar / 55 psi)
Heater Dimension
213mm (W) x 406mm (L) x 86mm (H)
Nett Weight
2.5 kg

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