M5i RainShower

DC Pump │ RainShower

Colour: Dark Grey

Key Features



Alpha SMART Auto Test

Automatically runs a self-test on all internal components before showers to detect electrical leakages and ensure utmost safety.

M5i RainShower

Line Fault Indicator

Detects and alerts of any false electrical connections with a red/ green indicator light.

M5i RainShower

55 Watt DC Pump

Enhances your showers with more power while maximizing energy and water saving.

M5i RainShower
M5i RainShower




Pump Activator 

Amplifies water pressure to ensure voluminous showers even at low inlet flows.


Pump Control

Fine-tune your shower’s water pressure to your exact liking.

M5i RainShower



Dual Safety Thermal Protection

Automatically breaks off power supply if there is an abnormal rise in shower temperatures.
Tier 1: 55°C Auto Cut-off
Tier 2: 85°C Overheat cut-out


Double Relay ELSD

Immediately cuts off both live and neutral current flows in the event of an electrical surge.

M5i RainShower




IP25 Splash Proof Casing

Protects your heater’s internal components from any water seepage.


Nylon Fibre Internal Construction

A strong and durable non-conductive material that provides insulation to your heater.


Adjustable Rain Shower

Experience amazing volume showers with the luxurious 9” Extra Wide Rainshower. Adjustable in height and rotatable. 

3 Way Diverter

Switch between 3 water outputs on the fly - hand shower, rainshower, or both simultaneously.

5 Sprays Shower Head

Our showerheads come adjustable to different water patternso you can enjoy fully customizable showers.


Anti-tangle Copper Cap Shower Hose

Highly-durable shower hose that prevents tangles and twists.

Gen C Stop Valve

Malaysia’s 1st Lever Handle 2-in-1 Regulator Valve with Filter provides a cleaner shower experience along with customizable stability adjustments.



Technical Specification

M5i RainShower
Colours Available
Dark Grey
Pump Type
DC Pump
Pump Rating
Noise Level
< 40dB
Heater Power Rating
3.8kW, 240V ~ 50 Hz
Water Connection
15mm (1/2” BSP), Single Point System
Operating Condition
Open Outlet
Protection Against Electric Shock
Class 1
Water Temperature Control
Degree of Protection
Minimum Flow Rate
2 Liters / Minute
Minimum Pressure
20kPa (0.2 bar / 2.9 psi)
Maximum Inlet Pressure
0.38 MPa (3.8 bar / 55 psi)
Heater Dimension
235mm (W) x 404mm (L) x 92mm (H)
Nett Weight
2.2 kg

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